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At Menlo Logic, we're dedicated to becoming the trusted software provider of advanced SSL VPN solutions and services. Founded in 2003, Menlo Logic's technology enables users to access corporate resources from anywhere securely and cost effectively.

The Menlo Logic AccessPoint platform integrates SSL encryption, remote application access, and intuitive management into a secure SSL VPN software suite that increases the productivity of mobile workers, business travelers, partners and customers while reducing configuration and management complexity.

Our Products

Menlo Logic has developed state-of-the-art AccessPoint software for enterprise and OEM customers. Our software offers secure web based access to a variety of server and desktop applications. The TCP Tunneling feature allows SSL-enabled clients including Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes to create secure connections to the AccessPoint gateway which then communicates to a local network server through encrypted or clear text transmissions.

Menlo Logic is committed to meeting the requirements of its enterprise and equipment vendor customers by delivering best-of-breed application layer security software products today and in the future.

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