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SSL VPN Technology Enables Enterprises to Roll Out Extranets for Their Employees, Customers and Partners

SSL VPN technology allows companies to provide secure remote access to users from anywhere in the world without requiring client software or VPN configuration. Perhaps more importantly, SSL VPN allows users to immediately connect to their desktops, launch remote applications and share files. Because for many users, establishing a VPN connection is only the first hurdle to achieving their main goal: accessing their remote file and applications.

Today, many equipment vendors supply dedicated SSL VPN devices that provide application-layer security and clientless remote access. And in the next several years, SSL VPN functionality will be available in many security products. But SSL VPN also provides a powerful tool to enterprises by allowing them to enhance and expand the capacity of their corporate extranets. Most large enterprises have developed portals that enable their business partners to share information and their customers to access technical support and other client resources. For many of these organizations, SSL VPN technology can significantly extend the functionality of their corporate extranets. How? By providing secure access to applications. By enabling partners to collaborate in real time. By providing fine-grained access control that limits what users have access to - and closely monitoring their activities. By supporting secure Radius, LDAP, Active Directory and NT Domain authentication.

While some dedicated SSL VPN devices offer all of this functionality and more, they do not provide easy integration into existing extranets or customization for companies' individual requirements. With Menlo Logic AccessPoint, enterprises can affordably design and integrate SSL VPN features into their remote access infrastructures and corporate extranets, enriching the capabilities and experiences of employees, customers and business partners.

SSL VPN can integrate with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) solutions to provide remote access to applications and desktops. Partner solutions include Sierraware. Their products address challenges related to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and mobile security.

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