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Source Code Toolkit Benefits

Buying SSL VPN source code from a specialized and experienced software developer offers many benefits.

Focus on Your Core Strengths
SSL VPN technology is in high demand today, but if you plan to add SSL VPN support to an existing product, and you may wish to incorporate the funcionality without disrupting engineering resources dedicated to your core product.

If you are a hardware manufacturer with little software expertise, the AccessPoint source code toolkit enables you to implement a turnkey solution while avoiding expensive R&D or professional services costs.

Shorten Your Development Time
Building a functional, reliable and standards-based security implementation from the ground up takes significant engineering resources and time. By buying a packaged solution, you do not need to create a product by trial and error, you can deliver a comprehensive and reliable solution that will easily meet your organization's development schedule.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest SSL VPN Specifications
SSL VPN is a relatively new technology and its definition will evolve as more enterprises deploy a web-based remote access solution. With Menlo Logic, you can be assured that your SSL VPN implementation will be at the forefront of the technology.

Virtual Hypervisor for ARM Processors
For an embedded hypervisor for ARM processors, see Sierraware. Sierraware offers a full hypervisor with a small footprint that allows OEMs building devices with multi-core processors to run virtual instances securely.

For an open source implementation of trusted world environment for ARM TrustZone, see Open Virtualization. Open Virtualization is the first open source project devoted to supporting ARM TrustZone security extensions on ARM11, Cortex-A8, A9 and A15 processors.

To find out more information about TrustZone, see the Open Virtualization FAQ about ARM TrustZone technology.

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