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AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit Features

  AccessPoint SSL VPN Product Features

  Best-in-Class Security
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption - SSL with x.509 digital certificate support.
  • Fine Grained Access Policies - Ability to permit or restrict access based on user, group, destination IP address, and service type.
  • Secure Login and Session - Cookies are encrypted and session-based; no user login information is stored on the client. In addition, HTTP directives prevent SSL VPN portal web pages from being cached in the web browser.
  • Single TCP Port Access - Remote access limited to a single TCP port - HTTPS port 443. TCP Tunneling may be optionally configured for other ports.
  • Integrated, Hardened Linux Operating System

  Enterprise-Grade Authentication
  • Broad Authentication Support - AccessPoint supports the following external authentication services:
    • Radius
    • LDAP
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • NT Domain
  • Internal Database Authentication - AccessPoint also includes an internal database for user and administrator authentication.
  • Strong Authentication - Support for multiple authentication methods for greater security, including Radius with Kerberos and Active Directory with NTLM.
  • Automatic Enrollment of Users - Users authenticating to external databases do not need to be defined in AccessPoint.

  Enhanced Features for End Users
  • Clientless Remote Access - Users can access network resources easily from almost any device with Internet access. No client software installation and configuration required.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) - SSO minimizes the number of times that users must re-enter account and password information in order to access protected network resources.
  • Bookmarks - Bookmarks for frequently accessed services and computers enables end users to easily access desired resources.
  • HTTP to HTTPS Redirect - Integrated option to forward HTTP clear text request to the HTTPS authentication window.

  Enhanced Features for Administrators
  • Flexible Architecture - Supports one-arm mode configuration, enabling companies to deploy SSL VPN without disrupting firewall or network access equipment. System management supports an unlimited number of network interfaces for physical separation of local and remote traffic.
  • Logging - AccessPoint supports syslog logging of SSL VPN events, logins, alarms and alerts.

  Extensive Application Support
  • Full Desktop Access - Ability to access entire desktop through a web browser using VNC or Terminal Services.
  • Individual Desktop Applications - Using Terminal Services or VNC, users can bookmark and launch individual desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook or Excel.
  • Terminal Access - End users can manage computers and servers remotely through SSH and Telnet VT100 and VT320 Terminals.
  • HTTP and HTTPS Proxy Support - Forward proxy support for Web and HTTPS traffic. JavaScript, Java and ActiveX proxying is supported except for active content that requires direct communication between the server and client.
  • File Sharing and FTP - AccessPoint offers web-based FTP and network neighborhood file sharing. End users can browse, download, upload, and rename files.
  • Native Application Client - The unique TCP Tunneling module enables users to establish secure, encrypted connections from clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, and Netscape Mail, to a remote server without needing to download and configure VPN software.

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