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AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit

SSL VPN Toolkit Overview

The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit consists of several software modules customized to meet customers' unique requirements. The underlying foundation for all of these packages is the AccessPoint System Management Module (SMM), a module that communicates with the web server and all of the SSL and Java components.

The AccessPoint SSL VPN Standard Packages:
  • The Desktop Package - Provides access to remote desktops and applications. The Desktop Package supports Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and Terminal Services for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server, and Windows XP Professional Terminal Servers and for accessing computers with other operating systems. Both Terminal Services and VNC allow users to access the entire desktop or individual desktop applications.
  • The Application Package - Offers encrypted FTP, Web proxy and SSL proxy support. With the Application Package, end users can remotely access Intranet web servers and FTP servers located on the corporate network through a standard web browser. The Application Package also supports CIFS (Common Internet File System) for web based file sharing and network neighborhood support.
  • The TCP Tunneling Package - Enables users with client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and Lotus Notes to securely access servers on the private network. Native client access is transparent, regardless of whether users are on the local LAN or outside of the network.
  • The Terminal Access Package - Includes Java versions of Telnet and SSH, allowing remote users to access network computers through secure, web-based Telnet and SSH sessions.
The AccessPoint SSL VPN Authentication Package:
  • Authentication Package - Provides LDAP, Active Directory, NT Domain and Radius authentication support. The Authentication Package is a standalone module that links to the AccessPoint User Login and SMM modules for authentication and configuration management. The Authentication Package includes LDAP, Active Directory, NT and Radius clients, web-based configuration, and single-sign on credential management.

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