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SSL VPN Benefits
- Provision secure remote access quickly and affordably
- Support mobile users from any location on any device with a web browser
- Avoid installation and configuration of client software

Our Technology


Menlo Logic has carefully designed its AccessPoint SSL VPN technology to provide security, ease of use, performance, and portability. Our SSL VPN encryption, management, and application proxying components are built on top of the AccessPoint System Management Module (SMM), the software engine that communicates to the operating system.

Unmatched Technology

Performance - The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit provides ultra high performance because the underlying AccessPoint System Management Module and the Policy Database are written entirely in the ANSI C programming language. ANSI C is much more compact and much less dependent on external libraries compared to pure Java development.

In addition, Menlo Logic has added TCP compression and HTML code optimization to accelerate the transmission speed of web pages and data through the SSL VPN portal.

Ease of Use - The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit includes an intuitive web user interface for remote users and for administrators. The straightforward UI design, in addition to the online diagnostic tools and extensive logging capabilities should reduce configuration and connection problems.

Security - To ensure private, safe communications between remote users and computers and servers on the corporate network, Menlo Logic has incorporated several key security features. The AccessPoint software includes firewall management which enables organizations to protect corporate resources as well as prevent attacks or unauthorized access to the SSL VPN device. Besides supporting the latest 128-bit SSL encryption and x.509 certificate authentication, the web user interface also includes session-based connections which prevent web page caching and immediate reauthentication to the network by unauthorized users.

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