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SSL VPN Home Page Templates

Home Page Overview

The SSL VPN portal home page enables you to create a custom page that mobile users will see when they log into the portal. Because the Home Page is completely customizable, it provides the ideal way to communicate remote access instructions, support information, technical contact info or VPN-related news updates to remote users. The Home Page can also well-suited for restricted users; if mobile users or business partners are only permitted to access a few files or web URLs, the Home Page allows you to only show the relevant links to users.

To add customize the Home Page, go to the Access » Portal Layout page and select an existing layout or create a new one. Then select the Home Page checkbox in the SSL VPN Portal Pages to Display table. Then click the Home Page Edit hyperlink to edit your Home or starting page that users will see when they log into the portal.

You can edit the title of the page, create a message that displays at the top of the page, show all applicable bookmarks (user, group, and global) for each user, and optionally upload an HTML file.

For most SSL VPN administrators, a plain text message and a list of links to network resources will provide the prefect portal home page. But for the more advanced administrator that wants to display additional content, please review the following information.

Important Technical Notes about the Home Page
  • The Home Page is displayed in an IFRAME--internal HTML frame
  • The width of the iframe is 542 pixels, but since there is a 29 pixel buffer between the navigation menu and the content, the available workspace is 513 pixels.
  • You can upload a custom HTML file which will be displayed below all other content on the home page. You can also add HTML tags and JavaScript to the home page message.
  • Since the uploaded HTML file will be displayed after other content, do not include < head> or < body> tags in the file.
  • The maximum length permitted for the home page message is 4096 characters. The maximum size of the uploaded HTML file is 25 KB.
Example Templates

The following is the home page message text of the default SSL VPN portal home page. It demonstrates nested tables, images, and the standard table layout used in the SSL VPN portal. More templates for the home page message and Uploaded HTML file will be available soon.

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